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ACS Powers on Solar Panels
Posted 02/23/2017 02:08PM


ACS powered on its new BD Middle Roof and Lower School Playground Roof solar panels for the first time during school hours on Monday, February 20. The solar panels, which were installed on campus over summer 2016, are now fully operational and in the final stages of Testing & Commissioning. Maximum sunlight will allow the solar panels to supply power to 40 classrooms daily.

Phase 2 of the school’s clean energy installation will kick off in early March. Three more solar panel units will be incorporated on campus in the Lower and Upper Roofs of the BD building, the Middle School and the gym during this phase of the process.

ACS plans to reach its 2020 Green Vision electricity goal three years ahead of schedule upon Phase 2’s completion in September 2017. By then, the school expects to have its entire solar panel system up and running, with 20% of the power coming from renewable energy sources. The 2020 Green Vision’s waste reduction targets are not expected to be reached until 2020, however.

ACS serves as a school leader in embracing environmentally conscious practices within Lebanon and in the region more broadly.

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