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ACS Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Hike Qurnat as Sawda'
Posted 29/09/2016 11:53AM


On Saturday, September 17, fourteen members of the ACS community successfully made it to the summit of Qurnat as Sawda’ during the first Development and Alumni Relations Office sponsored hike. With a mix of alumni, staff, teachers, and the new Head of School Greg MacGilpin, the hikers spent the day hiking to the highest point in Lebanon. It was an experience that brought many hikers to a new part of the country. “I was looking forward both to seeing another part of Lebanon and to meet more ACS community members,” explained Greg. “I am eager to learn about different regions within the country, to have possible hiking routes for the future, and people to do them with!”

The hike was led by alum Rayan Rasamny (’05), who proved to be an excellent leader, guide, as well as cheerleader for the more difficult inclines of the hike. “It was a great hike,” said Rayan. “While there were some difficult parts, everyone pushed through and made it to the summit. It was such a positive group it was impossible not to have a good time.”

The hike took seven hours and covered approximately 22 kilometers, the first half of which was predominately uphill. But throughout it, the hikers had the opportunity to get to know each other and provide support on the particularly steep sections. Cheers and encouraging shouts could be heard as soon as the trail began anysort of ascent. The positive attitude was shared by everyone involved, and first Grade Teacher Andrea Alemany credited it with her success to reach the 3,088 meter peak. “While it was a challenging hike,” Andrea said. “We were able to encourage each other and all make it to the top.” 

Once the Hikers made it to the top, they were able to enjoy looking down on the clouds and take in the country from above. After a quick lunch at the summit, they descended with smiles on their faces. “It is an accomplishment to make it to the top,” Rayan said. “Even though I have done it multiple times, I still feel a sense of pride when I reach the highest point in Lebanon.”

Overall it was a great experience for those who did the hike as they got to learn moreabout the ACS community and the type of individuals that it produces. Andrea explained that “it was fun to connect with like-minded individuals and get a glimpse of how my students will turn out after growing up as part of the ACS community.”  

The group is already excited for the next opportunity to explore more of Lebanon and hope more people will join in on the next opportunity. As Greg stated, “I hope there can be more ‘outdoor’ focused events, whether they come from our alumni office, faculty-drive, or other members of the ACS community. These moments can really add up to a special experience at ACS, and they can help connect alumni with each other as well as ACS faculty and staff. In my opinion, this will only improve upon our collective awareness of Lebanon’s treasures.”

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