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In-house Arabic play brings the house down
Posted 06/16/2016 01:00PM


The stage became a classroom, and the students were both the teacher and the students. For this year’s in-house Arabic play, the theme was an Arabic class and the difficulties teachers and students might encounter while learning or teaching the language.

Packaged in a humorous framework, the play prompted outbursts of laughter from the audience several times throughout the performance, which took place on June 8, 2016. 

The brainchild of Middle School teachers Ruwaida Kaed Beyh and Sarah Abdallah, who both co-wrote the play “because there are no good plays in Arabic for the Middle School,” the play also included some dabke and music.

About 17 Grade 6, 7, and 8 students participated in performing the play, contributing to the dialogue and light and sound direction.

“We wanted to capture the student experience of learning Arabic in a funny way,” said Kaed Beyh. “In particular, we zeroed in on how kids mix English words with Arabic, which made for a funny performance.”

Kaed Beyh added that the play also had an educational aspect, as it corrected some common mistakes made by MS students of Arabic.

“We received wonderful feedback from the audience,” she added.

MS Principal Phil Wendel also congratulated the two teachers for making the play a reality. “The students who were involved in this endeavor were excited and felt very confident as a result of your guidance and leadership,” he said.

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