Class of 2016 joins ACS alumni community
Posted 29/06/2016 11:29AM

Members of the Class of 2016 were inducted into the ACS alumni community on June 1, 2016, when they had the opportunity to create their own time capsule, which they will dig out in 10 years. They also received their dog tags, which officially “branded” them as alumni.

In the time capsule, the new alumni dropped off items that might remind them of special memories, such as letters to self, favorite music, journals, pieces of clothing, and so on.

High School Principal Robert Evans opened the official ceremony, saying, “You have been an interesting group. You have tested the patience of your teachers, you have stretched every deadline …. But somehow you managed … I see the strength of character in you as individuals and I know that there will be a lot of great things that you will offer.”

Evans then invited the new alums to give back to the school and the community as speakers, as donors, as engaged individuals.

Head of School Hamilton Clark then introduced the alumnus speaker, Mike Muhanna ’03 as an alum with a passion for education who helped found several ventures, including Positive Space, a non-profit co-working space in New Orleans dedicated to increasing the rate of college persistence and graduation among low-income high school graduates, who often lack the personal and social skills to succeed in college. Muhanna is also a member of the ACS Board of Trustees.

“You have represented ACS on field trips, sports tournaments … and will continue to represent it sometimes unknowingly and sometimes annoyingly,” said Muhanna. “Going forward, you can help shape what ACS is, beyond your years here, by talking to students, donating, being active. And all this would not be charity, because you also benefit from it. ACS is a great school now, and if in 20 years something makes ACS less great, it affects you too at the same time.”

Muhanna urged students to set their sights high and not to be scared to be bad at something and then to learn from it.

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