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Why 'We Are ACS'
Posted 03/23/2016 04:00PM


To rev up school spirit and spread awareness about ACS's proud history, members of the D&A (Development and Alumni Relations) co-curricular club organized “We Are ACS” week, over the last week before Spring Break.


High School students and teachers competed against each other, collecting points via different activities.

Monday was Pride Day, and everyone was asked to wear the school colors, blue and yellow.

Tuesday was “Who Knows ACS Best”, and D&A club students handed out fortune cookies with ACS facts to high school student and teachers, during the first break; and during the second break ,teams of Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 and Teachers had the chance to show off their knowledge of ACS via a trivia competition. Despite the expectations of the Teacher's team and supporters, the seniors took the lead, collecting the biggest number of correct answers about ACS.

Nevertheless, everyone learnt interesting tidbits about ACS during Trivia Day: The school was established in 1905 and was previously known as the Faculty School, and it currently has 65 nationalities; the first tuition, back in the early 1900s cost $80, and the Annual Fund covers the school’s outstanding operational expenses.

Finally, Wednesday was “Why I Love ACS” Day when students could write why they love ACS on a mural which D&A club members had created on one of the walls of the Courtyard. "Because it feels like home," "Because it is the best education," "Because it is a very friendly place...." were only a few samples of the dozen messages that were written by middle and high schoolers during their respective lunch breaks. Teachers, too, participated in leaving their mark on the mural. More than 100 students and several teachers left messages on the mural, in a testimony to students' attachment and appreciation of their school.

Once points were tallied at the end of We Are ACS Week, the results showed that the seniors team had collected the most points.

The D&A Club (co-curricular), which currently has 14 members, was established four years ago by Danai El Hajj Ibrahim ‘06, club coordinator and director of alumni relations at ACS. Every year, the club works on several projects including Winter Wonderland, Middle School Block Party, senior projects and others. Besides event planning and volunteering, club members also learn about philanthropy, alumni affairs and ACS. One of their main objectives is to help promote ACS and celebrate it as the exceptional school that it is. 

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