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Aleph Be: New and Improved
Posted 03/10/2016 12:02PM


Aleph Be, the ACS student newspaper, came out in color for the first time since it was established, several decades ago. What’s more, its current editorial team hopes to publish it every month, instead of a couple of times per year.

The team of about 10 students, led by editor-in-chief Aya S. and managing editor and layout editor Tracy J., have revamped the look and content of the newspaper to cater to their teenage audience.

“Students want to read about topics that concern them and that trigger discussions,” explained Tracy.

For the February issue, the editorial team chose to discuss a wide-ranging list of social topics, including whether using the word “nigger” is appropriate, or whether Caitlyn Jenner should be considered a woman or not, and whether mental illnesses should be glamorized and used as a marketing tool. Articles discussing the importance of volunteering with refugees; the benefits of Facebook vs Instagram vs Snapchat vs Whisper and YikYak; and the importance of gun control also made their way into the February issue.

“The old newspaper looked more like a magazine, and we wanted to choose a layout and graphics that have the feel of a newspaper,” added Tracy.

So the students did their research and contacted the AUB student newspaper team to find out where they print their paper.

With a contact in hand, the ACS students struck a deal with An-Nahar that agreed to print Aleph Be in color at their printing press, at no additional cost.

The students also promoted their publication by creating an Instagram page and distributing the paper during Silent Sustained Reading block.

Look out for the next Aleph Be.

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