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Two ACS students will soon join big league universities
Posted 01/22/2016 04:36PM


Two ACS seniors have been accepted into big league universities: Cayanne Ch. was accepted into Harvard, a member of the Ivy League, and Aya H. will attend Duke, whose undergraduate program is on par with those of Ivy League schools.

Aya Hashem and Cayanne Chachati

Aya, who considers Duke a perfect match for her, hopes to major in public policy and minor in theater. She went for the early decision binding program, which, she says, enhances the chances of being accepted. She added that not many students know about this option. 

Aya kept busy at ACS: She was head of staff at the Model UN club, has been in three theater productions - two plays and a musical – is a member of the Gender Equity Project group, plays the piano, and tutors Palestinian refugees on a regular basis.

She was attracted to Duke because classes are small, which will give her the chance to have a voice and participate in class discussions.

Meanwhile, Cayanne, who wants to major in government studies, has been accepted into Harvard, but is also eagerly eyeing the mail for a reply from Brown University, which would be her preferred choice.

Cayanne, who moved from Syria during the war, recognizes ACS’s role in her growth as an individual and a student.

An avid basketball player and a committed volunteer with refugees and other groups, Cayanne says her time at ACS has helped her become more conscious of the world around her. “It was an eye-opener,” she said. Cayanne hopes to become a lawyer or work with the United Nations to help make the world a better place.

Since 2012, one student was accepted into Harvard, another two into Cornell, one got into Columbia and another into Dartmouth College and two were accepted into the University of Pennsylvania.

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