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Students, faculty, and staff gathered in the gym for the annual convocation, commencing the start of the 113th year.
As thunder, lighting, and heavy rain loomed as a possibility for the night of ACS graduation, our Class of 2018 gave notice to the world to 'watch out, here they come, we are ready to storm'.
Students in the MS present their poetry work in various formats for all to enjoy.
Drama students and students of the HS Week Without Walls got together to perform some of their works.
Drama students in the MS perform a trio of 'Grimm Tales'.
A new play written by Drama Teacher, Dyane Stillman, debuts at ACS.
International Women's Day march in Beirut brings ACS GEP students and women.
It was a blast from the past at the Fashion Show.
The Annual Fundraising Dinner was held at Liza featuring Aziza.
IB French students present TV interviews in front of 'real' TV Personality Albert Thoumy.
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