Above and Beyond

The Atelier

The Atelier is a physical space within the school that embodies a way of being. It brings an appreciation of beauty in all its forms to the attention of adults and children. The Atelierista, Artist in Residence, brings the practice of art and the sensibilities of the artist into our school environment. The Atelierista supports the exploration of different languages of expression, and the investigations involved in project work as well.

Community Service

Serving the community teaches children responsibility not only for themselves, but also for other people. Through community service, children understand that their actions impact other families. Opportunities to serve the community expand children’s social circle and teach them empathy, caring and compassion.

Every year, the EY classes embark on a yearlong community service project. They organize fundraising events like bake and rummage sales to generate money, or donate and collect items and supplies like food, clothes, books and toys.

Outdoor Education

Whether on the playground or in the school outdoor vicinity in the mountains, the children’s interaction with nature awakens their senses, stimulates their curiosity, stirs their imagination, and establishes healthy bonding as they explore the natural world. Our outdoor vicinity is raw nature that undergoes noticeable changes during each season and elicits children’s wonderings. We have two outdoor educators who facilitate the children’s learning of the natural world.

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