Above and Beyond

  • After School Activities

ACS believes that a vital component of learning is the transfer of skills and knowledge beyond the classroom. To this end, we offer a variety of after school activities to support our mission as well as extend and enhance students’ learning. These activities are conducted during three sessions per year and are run by either faculty members or qualified outside service providers. All activities are designed to enhance the child’s physical, social, service and/or academic skills. We believe that these activities also increase students’ confidence and help to create lasting friendships with other students outside of their homeroom environment.

  • Field Studies

As ACS students strive to meet the goals of balance, service and compassion, they engage in multiple field studies over the course of their time at ACS. These studies take many different forms and are directly connected to our curriculum. We take advantage of our immediate surroundings to offer students experiences at our neighboring university (AUB), local businesses and cultural locations, science centers as well as a dedicated field experience camp in Deir Al Qamar, to name only a few. Upon the completion of these experiences, students acquire a stronger connection to the environmental surroundings along with a better understanding of how classroom experiences are connected to life beyond the walls of ACS.

  • Service

A component of the ACS mission is “to serve Lebanon and the world community with understanding and compassion.” With this in mind, ACS elementary students engage in service learning activities with the goal of becoming global citizens that are able to improve the community and world in which they live.

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