Student Services

  • Counseling

The Elementary School has two on-site counselors to assist students, parents and teachers in support of the social and emotional needs of our young learners. The counselors are members of the Elementary School Student Support Team to provide support and interventions to identified students.

  • Learning Support

Students with mild learning needs will find a caring, individualized approach and support structure that helps them access the ACS Beirut Curriculum. Learning Support is a broadly based program, offering support to regular classroom teachers, students and parents. All students are registered in regular classes and must function with a minimum of special assistance. ACS Beirut does not have the facilities to serve children who have serious learning, emotional or physical disabilities.

  • English Language Learners

ACS offers English Language Learners (ELL) support in Grades 1-5 for students just acquiring the language. The goal is to provide identified students specific language instruction to acquire English language proficiency in order to become successful in all areas of the curriculum at their grade level.

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