Our instructional program seeks to develop critical thinking, problem solving and strong communication skills across a range of disciplines. We are an English language school, with daily instruction in literacy, math, science/social studies provided by a homeroom teacher.

Our literacy instruction is based on the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project from Columbia University, aligning with the AERO standards and those of the Common Core in the US. Our classrooms are filled with books and student writing; students read and write every day in order to develop strong habits and independent skills.

The AERO/Common Core standards form the foundation for our math instruction. We focus on proficiencies and practices with longstanding importance in mathematics education.  Students develop strong conceptual understandings in math by solving rich problems, using models and communicating their mathematical thinking, and also developing fluency with numbers.

Science and Social Studies take a project-based approach, integrating social issues and service learning opportunities as appropriate. We also incorporate field studies whenever possible so that we can take advantage of unique learning opportunities here in Lebanon.

The study of world languages is important at ACS. Arabic is taught daily with a focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking. We provide Arabic instruction for both heritage speaks and those new to the language. Basic, introductory French begins in grade 3, and continues in grades 4 and 5.

Specialists provide instruction in music, art, and PE, several times a week. Technology and library/media are integrated within the core academic subjects, also facilitated by specialists.

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