French Program

The study of a world language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for students. The comparisons and connections that students make through the exploration of another language help them develop their literacy skills. The study of a foreign language is also a way of thinking and gaining a different perspective and appreciation of the world. In accordance with our school's mission statement, the goal of the French Department is to “develop student awareness and perspectives through the study of languages”, therefore our aim is to strive to achieve that goal.

The French Language program at ACS is a foreign language program, not a language literacy program. The program starts in grade 3 through grade 12. Introductory French is offered in Elementary twice a cycle for 45 minutes in grade 3 and three times a cycle for 45 minutes in grades 4 and 5. Students joining the program with intermediate or advanced levels are taught in small groups with differentiation.

French is offered in Middle School as follows: In each grade, three blocks of sixty minutes per cycle are allocated to French instruction. The program is organized in three language proficiency levels: level A1 (High Beginners), level A2 (Intermediate) and level B1 (Advanced). The students are placed in one of the three levels based on the teachers’ recommendations and/or placement test.

The French program in High School is offered four times a cycle for 70 minutes. It is offered at an intermediate level (SL) and advanced level (HL). By the time students are in High School, they can interact using the target language in a range of everyday situations and express themselves orally and in writing. A beginner’s level is offered in grade 11 to new students joining ACS with no or little French background.

The French program promotes the French cultural experience by organizing cultural trips for grade 9 and the “Francophonie” week across all divisions during the month of March.

Atelier “Tic Tac” is an after school opportunity for grades 1 and 2 students. It is designed for young children to explore the language through engaging activities.

The French Department follows the AERO Standards for World Languages. To meet these standards, a variety of resources and materials are used to plan class activities and assignments (various textbooks, grammar books, magazines, websites, audio CDs, DVDs, literature books, music, movies and games).

For more information about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the French Department Team.

Joelle Yacoub
French Program Coordinator

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