Welcome to the High School

Thank you for taking the time to explore the High School at ACS Beirut. Whether you are a new parent or student considering applying to ACS or a current member of our community, we hope that you find the information on these pages helpful.

The primary goal in the High School at ACS is to provide a balanced education that develops curiosity and enthusiasm in our students for pursuits in academics, community service, the arts, athletics or any area of inquiry that stimulates passion in them. We aim to nurture in our students a commitment to personal improvement and growth that promotes continuous learning, a sense of empathy and civic-mindedness that keeps them connected to their communities, and integrity to keep them on a good path in life. Our High School program lays the foundation for success in college and for a fulfilling life in adulthood.

The High School program supports and challenges students by creating an atmosphere of openness, participation, and inquiry and gives students opportunities to take well-advised risks in a caring environment. Our faculty promotes learning by building trusting relations with students, and with their knowledge, care and understanding, ACS teachers inspire students to thrive and to be the best versions of themselves.

We encourage parents to take an active part in their daughter’s and son’s education and to stay in close contact with the teachers, counselors, and leadership at ACS. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time over the course of the year as we strive to fulfill our mission in educating our students.

Joseph Campana
High School Principal

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