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Green Campus Initiative


Valuing community means valuing our planet and its resources. In 2015 ACS unveiled an ambitious set of sustainability objectives -- the Green Campus Roadmap -- under the direction of Facilities and Operations Director, Ziad El Hdary.


Signature achievements of the Green Campus Roadmap are the 318KW solar installation at the Main Campus (at the time the largest at any school in Lebanon) and the 3KW solar panel installation at its Deir El Qamar Campus (fulfilling 100% of its energy needs). All told, ACS reduced its energy, water and waste by 20% by 2020. By 2030, ACS is committed to source 75% of its energy from clean and renewable resources and to reduce water consumption and waste by an additional 30%.

ACS’s commitment to sustainability is equally shared by its leadership team, teachers, and students. In addition to the student-run ECO Club, ACS launched the Green Team in 2023. Composed of teachers, staff and students from the Elementary, Middle and High School, its mission is to continue the transformation of ACS into a green campus and to create a healthier and more productive workspace for the community by instilling sustainable practices among all ACS stakeholders. The Green Team meets bi-weekly and works toward a set of short and long term goals outlined in the most recent Green Campus Roadmap and suggested by its members. These include capital improvements such as the installation of automatic water faucets, an energy storage system, and a second campus composting machine, as well as student-run programming to increase student awareness of and participation in green initiatives on campus.