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Why Give


The history of ACS Beirut encompasses over a century of innovation, resilience and excellence. It is the financial support from alumni and friends that has enabled ACS to maintain these high standards despite the major challenges Lebanon has faced. This generosity is the backbone of the ACS community and serves as a source of strength to our students, faculty and families.

As a member of the ACS community, we invite you to reflect on the impact that ACS had on your life and consider the profound influence you can have on the future of your alma mater through giving. Giving back is not just an act of generosity, it is an endorsement of the value of an ACS education and an investment in the future of our school.

Your support, no matter the size, has the power to transform lives, ignite potential, and shape the future. Together, let's ensure that ACS Beirut continues to thrive as a beacon of educational excellence in Lebanon and the Middle East.