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Alumni Triennial Reunion


The ACS Triennial Reunion is for anyone who ever has been affiliated as a student, parent, faculty, or staff member at ACS. You are all welcome and part of our community!

Each event is planned by members of the Alumni Council, with a new location chosen each time! It is a three-day social gathering that offers the opportunity to reconnect, network, and share memories about your time at ACS.


Since 1982, ACS alumni have been coming together every three years in ever-increasing numbers to reminisce and celebrate their shared experiences at ACS.

In the early years, most attendees were American expatriates, children of overseas company employees, missionaries, or diplomats. Many of them had lived in the B.D. (Boarding Department), which sadly closed during the Lebanese Civil War. After spending virtually every moment with their fellow students, the desire to reconnect with old friends became paramount, especially since most had scattered across the globe after leaving ACS.

With the majority of alumni residing in the U.S. prior to 1990, the newly formed Alumni Association decided to host reunions across the country: east, west, and central. Recognizing the intimate class sizes at ACS, the Association welcomed anyone who had ever been part of the ACS community to these reunions. Typically, these events attract 250-300 alumni along with their guests.

Interested in being a part of the planning committee? We’d love your input and are always open to new ideas.