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Dear Fellow Alumni,

Welcome to the Alumni Association of the American Community School Beirut, Lebanon (AA/ACS) page, hosted on the ACS website.

We welcome any friends of ACS to The Alumni Association, including students, faculty members, administrators, staff, or friends, including parents of students, and sponsors. You don't have to have graduated to be counted as a member of the Alumni Association. We do not collect dues from our members, although donations are most welcome. We usually have one fund drive each fall to support a cause that directly supports the current needs of the school. In the past, we have collected funds to help the Staff and Faculty during difficult financial times. In 2022, we created the “Student Tuition Fund”, which was used to support students and their families who needed help to pay increased tuition and ancillary fees. In addition, we fund the administrative costs of the association and a critical charitable activity, the Malcolm Kerr Endowment Fund for scholarships. We do hope you will participate when we contact you later this year.

Our main purpose is to encourage and maintain the connection between the school and students of all ages. You can keep up with activities and reunions on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. Traditionally, we hold one triennial school-wide reunion in the US; the next one is scheduled for 2025. In addition, there are numerous smaller class reunions, and local events that take place in the US, as well as the Middle East. About 4 times a year, a newsletter called the “Diaspora Potrezebie” (the POT) is distributed both electronically and in hard copy.

The association is managed by an Alumni Council, which consists of former students, Head of School, and the Development Office. Members of the council meet online about 4 times a year. Our Bylaws are posted on this site. The Office of Development and Alumni Relations at ACS maintains the Alumni Directory. We don't take political positions; we don't exploit our contact lists for commercial purposes; we don’t permit advertising in our publications.

I hope to see you at one of our gatherings and thank you for your support of the Association and ACS Beirut.

Gina Kano (Class of '73) President AA/ACS