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Signature Programs

Curious students want to learn. They delve deeper, ask questions, and step out of their comfort zone. And when that happens, they unlock their full academic and intellectual potential. Our supportive learning community and unique programming help our students develop these vitally important qualities.


ACS is excited to embark on a new and transformative initiative: the phased introduction of Harkness Learning in the High School and Middle School. By adopting Harkness Learning, ACS is building upon its already prevalent use of inquiry-based learning, such as the Provocations pedagogical approach in Early Childhood and NASA Engineering Design Process utilized in the middle school science curriculum. Harkness Learning represents the fusion, at the highest level, of ACS’s core credos: curiosity fuels learning, empowerment fosters engagement, and compassion builds community.


At ACS, how kids learn is as important as what kids learn. The Buzwair Science and Engineering Wing and our Makerspace are designed to feed curiosity and to elevate the role of hands-on, experiential learning. The intent is to instill in our students a mindset that welcomes challenges and enjoys the process of developing solutions to real-world problems.


Whether trekking the ridges and valleys of Mount Lebanon, exploring the bounty of the Bekka, or navigating our near-shore waters, all ACS students have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the full diversity of Lebanon’s ecosystems and cultures. The ACS Outdoor and Nature Education Program (ACS ONE) curates experiences to deepen our students’ understanding of the natural world, to build confidence in their outdoor abilities, and to bolster their teamwork and collaboration skills.


Week Without Walls offers opportunities both internationally and in Lebanon for middle and high school students to get out of the classroom and explore the world outside of our campus walls. When planning these trips, we aim for curricular relevance, cultural exposure, challenging physical activities, and opportunities for service.