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Exploring Independence and Passions

The middle school years are a time of academic growth and skill refinement as students navigate the transition from elementary to high school. These years are also developmentally important, as students undergo significant physical, social, emotional, and cognitive changes. We work as a community of faculty and staff in partnership with parents to harness our adolescents’ growing capacity for critical thinking and self-awareness to enable them to thrive in a progressive, challenging and well-rounded learning environment.

The Leadership


Mary Noble

Middle School Principal

The Facts

7 : 1

Average Student-to-Teacher Ratio


Languages: English, Arabic & French


Student Council Representatives


After-School Clubs & Activities


Nationalities Represented

650 +

Combined Years of Teaching Experience

I got to try a cooking club, badminton, karaoke, and football all for the first time this year. It’s fun to try new things! ”S.A.Grade 7 Student

The best thing about ACS Beirut is the sense of community. ”L.M.Student Council Member


High Standards of Academic Instruction and Content that Encourage Student Engagement and Success

We utilize a broad standards-based curriculum that incorporates the best practices of US and International Schools. At the same time our small average class size (16 students) allows us to place as much emphasis on the mastery of essential skills as the absorption of required content. Lessons and activities are active rather passive – allowing students to delve deeper into the material, think more critically, and apply what they have learned to new problems and contexts. For students in English this may involve lively discussions of last night’s reading assignment, in Science it may translate to designing and testing a thermal retention device, and in Math class it may entail writing a new set of math problems for classmates to solve.

Leading the way in this effort is our roll-out of Harkness Learning as well our cutting edge Buzwair Science and Engineering Wing. In Harkness Learning, which is gradually being implemented in English and Social Studies classes, students engage each other around a seminar-style round table. Teachers act as facilitators, guiding students to a deeper understanding of the material. In the Science and Engineering Wing, we pride ourselves on the fact that there are no conventional classrooms. Each space is designated to serve a specific function, e.g. coding, proto-typing, brainstorming, where students learn hands-on the challenging cross-cutting concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) curriculum.

What Sets ACS Apart?

Small Class Sizes

Most core subjects have a cap of 16 students in total. This allows for more individualized attention and deeper connections between teachers and students.

Science Curriculum

Our science program embeds NGSS Standards, the NASA Engineering Design Process, visual and text-based coding, and basic concepts of electronics into the sixth through eighth-grade curriculum – taught within our state-of-the-art science and engineering wing.

Our Advisory Program

Within advisory, students find a safe space to address topics such as study skills, time management, and SEL. Our House Program fosters a sense of belonging and team spirit, while our wellness room provides a haven for students to relax and unwind.

Empowered Student Government

Student Council members, working with advisors, actively participate in school assemblies, gather student input, and develop proposals for the middle school administration. Their achievements include changes to the class schedule and organizing events like Spirit Week and International Week.

The Mentorship of High School Students

Cross-divisional clubs such as LEBMUN provide an opportunity for our high school student leaders to interact with middle schoolers in a mentorship capacity. Older students encourage younger members to take on meaningful roles and model key attributes of responsibility, leadership and service.

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