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Visual Arts


The Visual Arts are embedded into ACS teaching and learning from the very first Nursery class to High School.

In Early Childhood, the daily Art Atelier provides a nurturing space for young learners to delve into various artistic mediums and express themselves freely. In our Elementary School through Grade 10, the visual arts curriculum adheres to the National Core Arts Standards laying a robust foundation for further visual arts education in grades 11 and 12.

In our Middle and High School, we offer a total of 20 arts electives open to all students. In Grades 11 and 12, students can opt for the American Diploma Program (ADP) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), which offers a global perspective as students deepen their artistic exploration and prepare for future study in the creative and fine arts at the university level. 

Over 80% of our Grade 12 students in the IBDP have achieved a 6 or 7, placing them in the top 1-10% globally.

Arts Day

ACS Arts Day is a vibrant celebration that embodies the spirit of creativity and collaboration within our school community. This annual event brings together students, teachers, and parents for a day filled with workshops (led by teachers, students, and guest artists). Through this immersive experience, participants showcase their talents while forging meaningful connections that demonstrate the power of artistic expression to bring people together.

IB Visual Arts Exhibition

The IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition marks the culmination of students' artistic growth during the two-year program. Held in galleries across the city, it offers a professional platform for students to present their body of work. Each piece reflects technical skill, personal expression, and conceptual depth, showcasing the students' development and evolution as artists.

Venice Biennale and Florence

At the Venice Biennale, students encounter cutting-edge contemporary art from global artists, fostering creativity and meaningful discussions that are crucial for success in the IBDP Art program. Continuing to Florence, students explore the rich history of Renaissance art and architecture, gaining profound insight into centuries of artistic mastery and deepening their appreciation for visual expression and cultural legacies.

My time in Venice was truly extraordinary…The diverse artwork on display expanded my artistic horizons and greatly enriched my understanding of different artistic perspectives. This newfound knowledge and inspiration resonated deeply within me and influenced my own artistic practice especially when it came to creating artworks for my IB Art Exhibition. ”

Adriana KabalanClass of 2023