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Welcome to the fourteenth annual Lebanese Model United Nations (LEBMUN), hosted by the American Community School (ACS) at Beirut! On behalf of the Secretariat of LEBMUN’17, we would like to welcome you to our conference occurring from February 24th to February 26th at the American University of Beirut - West Hall.

This website will provide both advisors and participating students with all the details of our conference.

For the fourteenth year in a row, our conference expects to host delegates from various schools in Lebanon. However, this year we are expanding our scope, making this year’s LEBMUN conference the first to invite delegates from schools in the surrounding regions of the Middle East and Eurasia. International delegates are given an opportunity to experience Lebanese culture through the planned cultural excursion, and also by working alongside local delegates throughout the conference. LEBMUN’17 will include five forums: a General Assembly (GA), an Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), a Security Council (UNSC), and International Criminal Court (ICC), and the new Middle Eastern Commission (MEC). In addition, all participants will benefit from the words of experience and wisdom of the keynote speakers attending the conference.

Every year, our conference focuses on a particular theme. This year, we have chosen the theme of “International Crisis Management”. Nowadays, we live in a globalized world where a decision for one country can affect not only the country itself, but its surroundings as well. Our actions are far beyond our very own comprehension, and our words exceed far beyond our grasp. Currently, the Middle East suffers from a crisis due to the decisions taken on it by regional and world powers, leaving the Middle East a flowering ground for destruction, danger and displacement. Our mission here today, is to rebuild the broken homes and the shattered hopes of the innocent, and to collaborate together in order to not only fulfill the wishes of our own agenda but to also, as the next generation, bear the responsibility of the international world we are engrossed in. Here today, we honor our privilege of advocating for the people with no voice, keeping in mind our obligement to satisfy each and every party’s needs as our world finally emerges from international crises to international equity and peace.

Thank you for your interest in our conference. We hope that your school will be able to join us in February. We look forward to sharing the LEBMUN’17 experience with you!

Sima Bu Jawdeh
Secretary General

Karim Naous
Deputy Secretary General

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