Recipients of the ACS special achievement awards
Posted 06/11/2016 11:28AM

The Farah Family Athletic and Leadership Award: Awarded by Zalfa Farah ’09 to Fayez B.

This award goes to a student athlete who excelled in the athletics program, demonstrated sportsmanship, leadership, commitment and athletic accomplishment both at school and in the local community.

Fayez was a vital part of Hoopful Hands, which was a basketball school created and organized for Syrian and Palestinian refugees. These are kids who come from war zones, broken homes and live in the refugee camps.

The Blair Harcourt Award: Wesley A.

This award goes to one senior with academic and athletic distinction who is a talented athlete, exhibits leadership skills and sportsmanship in addition to a courteous and genteel attitude.

Even after breaking his wrist at the start of the season, Wesley pushed forward and led by example. He developed into being a strong, positive vocal leader - always encouraging teammates in a positive, productive manner.

The Fine Arts Award: Rakan S.

This award’s recipient has a G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher in the Fine Arts courses taken at ACS, shows outstanding effort and achievement in one or more of the Fine Arts (e.g., Music, Drama, Visual Art, etc.). The recipient would have participated in extracurricular events based in the Arts and/or used his/her own talents to benefit the school.

Rakan designed and implemented an Art Education project with several refugee children. The project tried to create a program from which the students could gradually gain technical skills and knowledge of the arts.

The Citizenship Award: Lea R.

This award goes to a senior with exceptional contribution to school and the community.

Criteria for selection include:

-        participation in school and/or community service

-        showing a positive attitude toward classmates, school and community

-        displaying an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibilities

-        possessing strength of character and the courage to do what is right

-        promoting citizenship within the school or community through other activities

Lea started the ACS cheer squad. She has brought joy and happiness to pretty much every student and staff member. She has spent her own money making cookies, buying candy and other treats. She pays attention to all students to see when they are in need.

The Walter Prosser Award: Rawad Y.

Walter Prosser selflessly served for years on the ACS’s Board of Trustees. He was a problem-solver, a well-read and cultured person, a life-long learner and responsible. This award goes to a student who exhibits this spirit. The award recipient must have very high academic standing as well as demonstrate exceptional application of their learning in contribution to school and community.

Rawad is a role model in nearly every way, whether it is his manners, involvement in school, perseverance, setting goals, independent/life-long learning, making a difference in his community, believing in big causes and striving for them, and taking risks. Rawad is an avid reader and looks forward to sharing and discussing what has been learned with students and teachers. He also likes to take challenges, such as running the marathon.